Spring Term

I’m am excited to announce that our Topic for Spring term is all about Deadly Dinosaurs and the children are going to be channelling their inner archaeologist’s! We’ll be learning all about how we know dinosaurs existed, the different types of dinosaurs and their diets, what the world looked like back then compared to now, and much, much more!


We are also planning a really exciting trip, but I’m not going to let you in on this until it is all confirmed, all you need to know is it will be after half term.


Autumn Term

Our topic for the Autumn term is The Great Fire of London. We will be looking at when the fire happened, what the causes were, how they put the fire out and so on…

However, we will not be having a class trip for this topic. Instead, we will be throwing a Great Fire of London morning at Kemble School on Monday 5th November. This will be linked with Siddington CoE school and Kingfishers class will be joining us for this event.

We will be pretending we are workers in Pudding Lane and learning how to bake bread (hopefully to be able to taste later). There are several games that were around in the 1660’s that we will be trying our hand at AND we have two very special visitors, but I don’t want to spoil that surprise!

We will hopefully get plenty of pictures!

Our next topic is also going to be completely RAWRsome!