Look Who Got Caught Reading!

Hello all!

I would like to introduce you to one of our classroom displays. It’s very bare at the moment because I have not told anyone about it, but here I am to tell you the reason behind it.


I would like to encourage the class to read more, whether it’s at home or at school. We have introduced ERIC time (Everybody reading in class) after break and the children are sitting down with their fruit and reading independently, whilst we go around and try to listen to them read or work on changing their books!

The ‘Look Who Got Caught Reading’ display is something to encourage the class to read more at home. This is where you as parents and carers come in! If at any time you spot your child reading at home, in the garden, with friends, or even to their siblings and other family members, I’d like you, if possible, to snap a picture of them and send it in to admin@kemble.gloucs.sch.uk with the subject of ‘Beech caught reading’. I will then print out their photograph and hang it on our display, just like I have done with Mrs Dougill!

This is just a bit of fun to hopefully inspire a love of reading in the class!

Miss Hedley


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